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4 Tips to Host Friendsgiving

Hosting Friendsgiving this year? Here are 4 tips and tricks to make the day a success.

Colder weather tends to bring people together. As the temperatures drop we stay indoors more and congregate around fireplaces or under blankets with warm beverages. With the natural tendency to come together combined with the overall spirit of the holidays, it’s no wonder that “Friendsgiving” became a thing and is growing in popularity.

For those of you not in the know, Friendsgiving is similar to Thanksgiving, but instead of blood relatives coming from all over it’s celebrated with your chosen family or friend group. Friendsgiving can be instead of or in addition to a more traditional Thanksgiving with immediate and extended family.

Whether this is your first time hosting a Friendsgiving, or if you’ve been doing this with friends since college, here’s 4 tips and tricks to make this year’s festivities a success.

1.       Share the Wealth.

Do you love hosting people, but don’t love your time in the kitchen? Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have time to prepare an entire meal for a group of people? Either way, there’s no shame in asking for some help! Make your Friendsgiving a potluck and have everyone bring a dish. Make sure you have assignments, though. You don’t want 4 separate green bean casseroles and no potatoes!

2.       Don’t overcomplicate things.

One of the beauties of Friendsgiving is the laid-back feel of the day. There’s no need for fancy plates or elaborate decorations. (Unless that’s your thing! You do you.) Use disposable tableware (here’s some biodegradable plates, napkins, and flatware all for $3 each) and keep the tablescape low key but classy. After all, your friends aren’t coming for the decorations but for the fellowship.

3.       Keep it easy.

There’s no reason to stress out over Friendsgiving. After all, you’re not trying to impress your parents or in-laws just have some fun with friends. Even if you are doing a potluck for the food, you can make easy (but still delicious!) recipes in a slow cooker that can be cooking while you get everything else ready. If you’re taking care of the turkey, here’s a recipe that requires no basting or brining. For a side, who doesn’t love mac and cheese? Don’t forget the booze, either! Here’s a slow cooker spiced wine that will warm up your guests in more way than one, and make your place smell delicious in the process.

4.       Make things fun.

While the food is arguably the most important part of Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving), it’s a good idea to have something else for your guests to do as well. Depending on how crafty you and your friends are you can offer a hands-on activity like one of these crafts made with fall leaves. Or, if you’re sticking with the above points and keeping things simple, just have a few decks of cards available.

If you use any of these ideas at your Friendsgiving party let us know! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can check it out!

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Nov 15